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Guest Post: Traveling with Baby Can Be Easier

The following is a guest post by Maghan Keller with, a company that ships baby’s travel gear directly to your hotel. I love this idea, as I have forgotten many baby items on vacation and ended up with multiples when I got home. Maghan is offering Bottle Snugglers readers a 15% discount with the coupon code: bottlesnugglers.

Don’t worry about packing any of your babies items when traveling with a baby…

I know you are probably thinking that this sounds a bit crazy, right? Vacations are supposed to be relaxing and fun! So the last thing you want to do is stress out about finding room to pack all of baby’s things, or driving around to find a store when you reach your destination to purchase necessities like diapers and wipes. So it’s easy start shopping with us, we’ll have all your trusted brand name baby travel supplies waiting at your hotel when you arrive.

 When it comes to traveling with a baby or young child, we have thought of everything – no matter what part of the globe you are visiting. Whether your trip is to the beach, a hotel with a pool, camping in the woods or taking to the ski slopes, we offer specialized packages to meet all of your baby’s needs for a long weekend, or a full week. From diapers and baby food to booster seats and portable beds, we ship and track your package to make sure it’s waiting for you when you reach your destination – anywhere in the world. If there is something you don’t find on our site just call us and we’ll try to get it!!!

 So, order all your baby travel supplies from us and say goodbye to jam-packed luggage, excessive airline baggage fees or fully loaded cars. Enjoy the relaxing convenience of finding everything your baby needs, waiting for you at your destination. Of course HOME DELIVERY is also available.

Also enjoy our monthly diaper delivery service at and let us ship all your diapers/wipes to you.

Traveling with Baby

Every relative, no matter how far away they live, wants to see the new baby, right? So when you decide to take the leap into traveling long distance with baby, there’s a lot of planning to do (not to mention shopping, organizing, packing…whew!)

There are a few really ingenious web-based businesses that have popped up lately which will help tremendously when you have baby in one arm, luggage over the shoulder, Bottle Snuggler is holding the bottle and boarding passes are in the free hand. Now, if you forget something at home, you can have it delivered to your destination with the click of a mouse.

Speaking of forgetting things, has downloadable checklists to help even the most frazzled Mommy keep it all together. I love check lists. They make my life work. Seriously.

Definitely visit They are a national service which will ship all of your baby supplies to your destination in a tidy little package. You just go to the website, click on what you want to buy (or rent), and your goodies will be there when you arrive. No more lugging everything through the airport or packing the car like the Clampett clan. I say take the help where you can get it!

I always take enough food, snacks, games, books, meds and wipes as I can comfortably fit in my carry-on, just in case of a delay or lost luggage. If we’re car traveling, we pack a cooler so that we don’t have to stop at a grocery store when we arrive (and we don’t have spoiled dairy in the fridge when we return.) And sometimes, though my husband doesn’t know it, I pack only my son’s bath supplies in a travel-sized bottle, and we all share. It’s just for a few days, and it’s easier than taking separate supplies for everyone. :)

I would love to hear your suggestions and tricks for traveling with baby. Heaven knows we can all use a good time- and sanity-saving tip these days.

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