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Bottle Snugglers for Mother’s Day Gift of the Year!

I may be a little biased. I admit it. But sometimes you just KNOW what you know, right? That’s how I feel about Bottle Snugglers and what they do to help relieve stress for busy Mommies.

When I got my first Bottle Snuggler (remember – I bought the whole company within one year!), it was such a stress reliever for me as a work-from-home Mom. I could suddenly finish my conference call with a client and email them the follow-up report (with one hand as I held baby in my other arm) without disturbing baby’s feeding time. Ahhh. Everyone was served, including me. That was a big change, as up to that point, I was struggling to be all things to all people and was failing, at least in my view, at most of them.

As we approach Mother’s Day, I want to urge Mommies to take some help where you can get it. Have the sitter stay a little late and get your toes done after you buy groceries; buy pre-cut veggies for tonight’s dinner; and when everything seems to be happening at once during baby’s bottle, let Bottle Snugglers hold onto it while you hold onto your baby and your peace of mind. Sometimes it’s the small things that make a big difference. Having that one free hand for a few minutes is invaluable when you really need it. In my opinion, Bottle Snugglers are the perfect Mother’s Day Gift. I hope you agree.

In case you haven’t seen it, here is a link to a tv commercial that we produced a few years ago. Maybe some of these scanarios look familiar to you. They certainly do to me! Happy Mother’s Day!

The Perfect Mothers Day Gift Ideas!

Mothers do so much these days, don’t we? From the feeding and caring for our families to running our businesses to contributing to the community around us, we are in constant motion. And in return, we get one whole day dedicated especially to us. This year, Mothers Day is on May 9th! And everyone has their own idea of a great Mothers Day gift idea.

My idea of a holiday is an extended time (not just an hour or a brunch!) where I can rest, relax and rejuvenate in any way I choose. I enjoy seeing my husband, and to some extent, my young son, do the tasks that I would normally do around the house on Mother’s Day. It is this day of service that I believe really shows them how much Mommy does for everyone. This is my idea of a perfect Mothers Day gift!

If you need a unique Mothers Day gift, consider giving her something that makes life a little easier. Baby’s first puppy is EXTRA work for Mommy, but a Precious Puppy Bottle Snuggler will help when she needs an occasional free hand during Baby’s feeding time. Sure, a teddy bear is a cute distraction when Baby is getting fussy, but a Charming Teddy Bear Bottle Snuggler can help Mom hold the bottle while she holds the Baby AND helps big brother do his puzzle at the same time.

Ahhh – a little helping hand and a gift that keeps on giving long after the roses have wilted. That’s the best Mothers Day gift I can think of! Lots of Moms agree with me, as you can see on our News and Reviews section. And for this special day, we are happy to offer 10% off on your entire order, good through May 10th. Just enter the coupon code mommy at check out.

Enjoy your day, and tell another Mom (yours or someone else’s) how much you appreciate her! Xoxo

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