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Working Mother Magazine Features Bottle Snugglers

What a great feeling it was to flip through the pages of Working Mother Magazine and seeing a little feature of our Precious Puppy Bottle Snuggler! It’s on Page 52, if you have a copy.

As a working Mom myself, I know personally that sometimes you need an extra hand to get it all done. In fact, that’s how I found the product in the first place. (It was under a different name then.) I had a business and an infant who would not stay in his bassinet AT ALL! I worked with one hand all day long (while holding him in one arm) until feeding time, when I had no hands left (one holding baby, one holding the bottle). That situation is so typical, and it’s what Bottle Snugglers are all about.

Once I found this little helping hand, I could hold and feed Max while still typing, filing, dialing or otherwise running a business. I am so pleased to offer this type of relief to Moms everywhere. Also, we are being evaluated by several major retailers, so keep an eye out the next time you’re in a “big box” store.

Happy feeding!

The Cradle is a One-Stop Shop for Baby Info

If you’re like me, you are constantly on the lookout for websites that offer lots of info that’s relevant and easily accessible with a little fun thrown in.

That’s exactly what I find at You can find tips for every trimester, the latest products and even a baby name directory. And right now, you can get a 10% discount on the site’s latest “crush” Bottle Snugglers! Just click the link below to start saving.

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