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Guest Post: Birthday Party Planning Ideas

 The following is a guest post by New-York based party magician Brian McGovern.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to throw a wonderful party for toddlers. A toddler won’t care if you book an expensive venue or have the party at home  – all he or she will be interested in is having fun, playing exciting games, having friends around, and maybe even dressing up for the day! Here are a few ideas for planning your child’s next party.

Have a garden party: A garden party is great for toddlers. Make sure that your garden is a safe and secure space if you are considering hosting a backyard party. A summertime garden party is very popular with kids, where they can get fresh air, exercise, and just do what kids do best – play, get messy, and have fun. You can serve a cold buffet, and hire a bouncy castle to make the day even more fun.

Enjoy a themed party: Every toddler loves dressing up, and it is amazing how quickly they become fans of certain characters such as cartoon characters, movie characters, superheroes, and the like.

Try a tea party: For a quieter party, try a tea party theme. All you need are some fancy cut sandwiches, birthday cake, drinks for the kids, and a nicely decorated table with chairs. Your child and his or her friends can have their sandwiches or food at the table, and can even bring along their games or toys.

Have a movie party: Book a party at your local movie theater or hire an inflatable movie screen and projector for a night time party. Pick your child’s favorite movie and enjoy the show with popcorn and sodas.

Take them out: There are many eateries that are perfect for taking groups of kids. Find a kid-friendly spot with food, games, and entertainment. They’ll have fun and you don’t have the hassle of cooking food, and decorating – or the cleaning up afterward!

Consider a picnic party: If your child’s birthday is in the summer and you don’t have a garden that is suitable or large enough to have an outdoor party at home, a picnic in the park is a great idea. The kids will have room to run around, there may be rides there for them, and you can take along your food and drink to have on their day out.

Beach party! If you live close to the beach (long car rides and toddlers don’t mix) a beach party can be fun. Ask that all toddlers be accompanied by a parent and sunscreen. The kids will enjoy an afternoon by the shore, where they can play sandcastles to their heart’s content, enjoy some fresh sea air, and dine al fresco by the sea!

Hire entertainment: A good kid’s magician, juggler, storyteller or face painters can keep the kids happy. Avoid hiring scary looking costumed characters that might scare young children.

Brian McGovern is a magician for children’s parties in New York. Find out more at .

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