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We Won a Certified Miracles Seal!

Over the past few years, Bottle Snugglers have won several industry awards, which we are very proud of. Some have Mommy testers, some have Baby Planners and their clients as testers. Either way, we get great feedback on the usefulness, durability and cute factor of our baby bottle holders.

Recently, I received a phone call from Miracle Industries, makers of the Miracle Blanket(R) swaddling blanket, that they had started a new Seal of Approval program called Certified Miracles(TM).  This program is unique in that you cannot submit your product for review, nor can you pay for the privilege. Then they told me that Bottle Snugglers has been submitted by a blogger, and that we had won the Certified Miracles Seal! The website launched today, and we are thrilled to be a part of the action.

What a nice surprise and a testament to talking about products that you love and that really serve a purpose. I didn’t even know about the program, but they had heard of Bottle Snugglers and liked them so much that they put us in the very first batch of Certified Miracle Seal winners. We are honored to be in a category with some other great products that make Mommies’ lives a little easier.

Definitely check out the Certified Miracles website for some suggestions on other baby products and their very helpful Recall Alerts page.

And the Awards Keep Comin’!

It’s always nice to be noticed, isn’t it? I am a very proud Mama when someone recognized Bottle Snugglers as an outstanding product. The best recognition we can get is when our customers tell their friends how much they love the product. And it’s the ulitmate thrill for me to see customers returning to buy more Bottle Snugglers, whether for themselves or as gifts.

I do try to let you know when Bottle Snugglers receives an honor or award, and our award-winning baby bottle holder has picked up two new Seals of Approval recently. One is from a baby planner, and one is from a website specializing in all things that new parents need when baby arrives.

The Savvy Mom on Call is a baby planner in the NYC area, and she helps expecting Moms and Dads prepare for baby’s arrival. From picking out a stroller to help with breast feeding to nursery decor, Ingrid Preuher can walk you through the process. That’s why we are so excited that she awarded Bottle Snugglers her Seal of Approval! You can read the review here

The New Parents Guide is a website that helps new and expecting parents wade through the throngs of gear that are available today. They have products organized into categories, including books, music, mealtime (where you will find baby bottle holders) and even baby naming. They tested out our Bottle Snuggler and awarded us their Seal of Approval, as well! You can read the review here

Thanks to our customers for helping us grow, and thanks to these two latest groups for giving us a little love.

Bottle Snugglers featured on Babyzone

These plush and cuddly feeding time helpers are designed to help parents who occasionally need a free hand when feeding Baby. Mom Jennifer Marko liked them so much she bought the company. While not meant for every feeding, Bottle Snugglers provide a “third hand” for when you really need one! Perfect for multiples!

Read More…

Parents Tested and Approved!

In March 2010, Bottle Snugglers was honored to receive the PTPA Media Award!

That stands for Parent Tested-Parent Approved, and this concept is very important to us. It’s one thing to buy an ad and brag about your product, but it’s a whole different shebang to have anonymous Moms use your product in their homes and then vote for you! You can visit the PTPA site by clicking on the link below. Incidentally, you will find MANY other great reviews and awards on that page, too.

We are very proud to have this distinction, and we look forward to another great year!

iParenting Media Award Win!

Wow – what  an eventful first year it’s been for us at Bottle Snugglers. (Or should I say “for me”, since I am really the whole company?)

We have begun distribution to stores across the country, we continue to draw a loyal and appreciative client base, we have received rave reviews from so many mom-tested sites and now we have won our first award!  The iParenting Media Awards are a Disney Interactive Media Group Property.

Product samples are placed with expert reviewers who are professionals in the childcare and parenting industries, in licensed childcare facilities (as appropriate), and lastly with family testers. Once all the scores and feedback are compiled, then the submissions are reviewed by a senior Executive Review Committee.

We are so proud to have this designation! You can see the award listing here 

Here’s to a new year of BIG accomplishments as more people find and use Bottle Snugglers!

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