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Bottle Snugglers for Mother’s Day Gift of the Year!

I may be a little biased. I admit it. But sometimes you just KNOW what you know, right? That’s how I feel about Bottle Snugglers and what they do to help relieve stress for busy Mommies.

When I got my first Bottle Snuggler (remember – I bought the whole company within one year!), it was such a stress reliever for me as a work-from-home Mom. I could suddenly finish my conference call with a client and email them the follow-up report (with one hand as I held baby in my other arm) without disturbing baby’s feeding time. Ahhh. Everyone was served, including me. That was a big change, as up to that point, I was struggling to be all things to all people and was failing, at least in my view, at most of them.

As we approach Mother’s Day, I want to urge Mommies to take some help where you can get it. Have the sitter stay a little late and get your toes done after you buy groceries; buy pre-cut veggies for tonight’s dinner; and when everything seems to be happening at once during baby’s bottle, let Bottle Snugglers hold onto it while you hold onto your baby and your peace of mind. Sometimes it’s the small things that make a big difference. Having that one free hand for a few minutes is invaluable when you really need it. In my opinion, Bottle Snugglers are the perfect Mother’s Day Gift. I hope you agree.

In case you haven’t seen it, here is a link to a tv commercial that we produced a few years ago. Maybe some of these scanarios look familiar to you. They certainly do to me! Happy Mother’s Day!

Baby Won’t Hold Her Bottle? We Can Help!

I love it when we hear from Moms on how they use Bottle Snugglers. We recently got a great review on a blog called Momma Drama (cute name) that gave me an idea for a new segment of Moms to reach out to.

Maybe you never had a problem with little issues that you had to deal with during feeding time (another child needing your help, answering the phone/door/client phone call, or eating your own food sometimes). But now your baby is old enough to hold her own bottle, but she refuses to! 

I have heard this story twice in the last two days from Moms, and this is when their Bottle Snuggler comes in handy. It helps give older babies the feeling of holding their own bottle without having it drop when they decide to let go and protest. Baby’s bottle stays in her mouth, and Mommy’s hand doesn’t have to reappear to replace it.  Here is the blog post from Momma Drama in her own words. Maybe you will find it helps you, too! 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bottle Snuggler Review

I have to say that bottle time is one of my favorite times with my baby. It’s the best time to snuggle up and just enjoy the feeling of having her warm baby body in my arms. It’s such a quiet and relaxing time! But every once in awhile we have one of those nights. You know, where it’s already bed time and nothing has been done. And you look at your beautiful baby who is taking their time chug-chug-chug-a-lugging and you just wish they could drink faster so you could have your hands back!
Thankfully, we don’t have too many nights like that. And the majority of our bottle times are as wonderful as a momma could ever imagine. But my daughter has something funny about her. She refuses to hold her own bottle. Refuses! She has never done it and even when we try and show her how to she immediately drops her arms. I think we have made her just too comfy to bother lifting those arms. So on the occasion that we have a crazy night she is of no help to me and does not allow me to have a single free hand. 
When I saw the Bottle Snugggler I thought, wow, wouldn’t that be helpful once in awhile. I can still hold my baby and enjoy my time with her. But I can also free up one hand. One hand! That’s all I need on those crazy nights. It allows me to read the mail, respond to an e-mail, eat, take a phone call, or write a shopping list. 

Bottle Snugglers®, are a bottle support system designed to assist during baby’s feeding time. They support the bottle while you hold the baby, leaving a hand free. If you have a baby, you’ve been there. The baby is hungry, and you need to answer the phone, change the channel, eat a sandwich or help another child. No more propping the bottle under your chin or on unstable surfaces! Just insert the bottle into the Bottle Snuggler, position it properly, and everyone wins.

For me the Bottle Snuggler has come in handy on a couple of occasions already. But the best thing I have found is that it’s motivating for my daughter to want to hold onto it. She loves the cuddly puppy attached and wants to hold it.

Sadly my daughter is pretty much past her bottle days. She has been on a sippy cup for quite a while now and only has a bottle before bed. So as we continue to eliminate the bottle altogether, I will be holding on my Bottle Snuggler. I can see it coming in handy even more once I have a second child. Or do we get another of arms when we have a second child?

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