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Happy Birthday to Us!

On January 21, 2010, Bottle Snugglers celebrated our the year birthday of our web launch. It has been an exciting and tiring year complete with a learning curve and many lessons learned.

We launched the website in January 2009, and our list of clients includes many well-known personalities as well as lots of “regular Moms” like me, who are so thankful for a little helping hand during the busy days of caring for an infant. Our customers have told us that they want the Bunny style back, and we intend to deliver! Another customer tip was to make the bottle bands into a strip of elastic with adjustable fasteners, rather than a stretchy closed circle, so that if a bottle is very small or very fat, the band will easily adjust.  We intend to deliver this one, too!

Our next production round is not scheduled yet, but these two suggestions will definitely be incorporated when the time comes. (As a small business, we have to wait until we sell out of current merchandise before we produce more.)

In the early Fall of 2009, we began offering Bottle Snugglers to baby boutiques, and we have had a very warm welcome, even in the midst of a struggling economy.  We are being evaluated by some big named retail stores, as well, and distributors from several other countries have also approached us. It is our dream to make this product available to Moms everywhere, and it looks like we’re close to making that dream a reality!

We look forward to 2010 and all of the promise that it brings, both for Bottle Snugglers and for our country as a whole. We have big plans for the year, and we are so thankful for the opportunity to own a small business in the United States. Thanks to all of our wonderful clients and friends for your continued support. We promise to make you proud this year.

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