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iParenting Media Award Win!

Wow – what  an eventful first year it’s been for us at Bottle Snugglers. (Or should I say “for me”, since I am really the whole company?)

We have begun distribution to stores across the country, we continue to draw a loyal and appreciative client base, we have received rave reviews from so many mom-tested sites and now we have won our first award!  The iParenting Media Awards are a Disney Interactive Media Group Property.

Product samples are placed with expert reviewers who are professionals in the childcare and parenting industries, in licensed childcare facilities (as appropriate), and lastly with family testers. Once all the scores and feedback are compiled, then the submissions are reviewed by a senior Executive Review Committee.

We are so proud to have this designation! You can see the award listing here 

Here’s to a new year of BIG accomplishments as more people find and use Bottle Snugglers!

Enter to Win at Celebrity Baby Blog

Don’t you just love Scrubs? I like that the main characters are about my age and a little goofier than me.

Bottle Snugglers’ fabulous gift bag service, Jewels and Pinstripes, has teamed up with Pregnancy Magazine, the Hot Moms Club and Celebrity Baby Blog (People Magazine) to give away a gift bag just like the ones given to the very lucky guests at Scrubs star Judy Reyes’ baby shower.

The list of loot is too long to even list here, but go to this link and enter to win. It’s a HUGE basket, and you get a Cuddly Cow Bottle Snuggler, too!

The Cradle is a One-Stop Shop for Baby Info

If you’re like me, you are constantly on the lookout for websites that offer lots of info that’s relevant and easily accessible with a little fun thrown in.

That’s exactly what I find at You can find tips for every trimester, the latest products and even a baby name directory. And right now, you can get a 10% discount on the site’s latest “crush” Bottle Snugglers! Just click the link below to start saving.

Fast and Healthy App – Warm Tomato Goat Cheese Dip

Whenever I have to bring food to an event, I always offer to bring a savory food, and I always bring the same thing.  My favorite recipe has three ingredients, takes less than half an hour to make and is deliciously simple.

I took this recipe to a Halloween party last week, and it was a hit, as always. Let me say in advance that it’s not pretty to look at. But once you taste it, you won’t care one bit about how it looks!

1 Pint Grape Tomatoes
8 oz. Log Goat Cheese
Balsamic Vinegar

Form the log of goat cheese into a ball, and place it in the center of a 9×13 or smaller baking dish. Cut the tomatoes in half and place them cut-side down on the dish, covering all of the area that’s not covered by the cheese. Now, pour balsamic vinegar over the cheese and tomatoes up to about 1/4  of the way up the tomatoes. The amount of vinegar depends on the size of the pan, so just eyeball it.

Bake at 425 degrees for about 20 minutes or until the goat cheese is fallen and bubbly and the tomatoes have that yummy roasted look and have absorbed most of the vinegar. Be sure to let it cool a little before serving because this thing gets seriously hot.

Serve with bagel chips for the perfect appetizer!

Give Yourself Credit for All You Do

Being in the baby product business, I hear my share of mommy stories. It seems a common theme for most moms I know, including myself, that we have a constant list of “to-do” tasks, not enough time to complete it and zero time for ourselves at the end of the day.

Of course, there are always those moms who THINK they do everything right and can teach you a few things about life, work, organization and the proper care and feeding of a family. It’s with feeding that I tend to pay the most attention, for obvious reasons.

A day in the life of a mom with one infant goes something like this: baby wakes up and wants to eat (sometimes for up to an hour), mom feeds and changes baby, sings with baby, puts cute outfit on baby, puts baby down for a nap, does dishes/laundry/pumps breast milk/dusts/sweeps/pays bills, baby wakes up and wants to eat (repeat those steps above), mom talks to baby,  shows baby a book with lots of black and white images for stimulation, changes baby’s outfit, puts baby down for a nap, mom worries about baby’s immunizations tomorrow/jumps into the shower/answers the phone with wet hair/calls friend with birthday wishes, baby wakes up, etc…

Now, at what point during this day of a mom with JUST ONE baby and NO OUTSIDE JOB does she seem to not be bonding with or thinking of baby’s best interests? For goodness’ sake, babies eat every three hours – that’s 8 times per day! And notice that no time in the probably 9 hours that passed in the above paragraph (one hour for each nap, one hour for each play time and one hour of mom’s chores per cycle) has mom eaten, slept or even sat still. And so it goes.

Imagine this hectic schedule if you add in another child, a job or home-based business or the many other responsibilities that women tackle every day. It’s mind boggling how we get it all done. Even more so is how we give ouselves no credit for it. We say, “I got nothing accomplished today.” or “I’m exhausted, and I didn’t even change out of my PJs all day.”

Here’s where I take issue: when one mom passes judgment on another for her parenting choices, management style or level of organization. We are all busy, and everyone responds differently to stress, chaos and lack of sleep. It never fails to surprise me when I hear a mom say something like, “Of course, you’re going to have another baby. It’s selfish to have just one.” or “Only a lazy or neglectful parent would use (fill in the blank here with your favorite baby care helper).”

To those moms, I say, “Mind your own beeswax!” Why do you have to control everyone? Perhaps you’re not as in-control of your own circumstances as you’d like us to believe. And if we choose to accept help from time to time, be it with a baby sitter, a Baby Einstein DVD or a Bottle Snuggler, we promise to do it responsibly and with the utmost attention to the safety and care of our families.

Moms are vital to the success of a family, and we count too! If you have a heart for children, you should focus on taking care of their mothers. And our kids are nurtured by us in ALL the things that we do throughout the day, not just at feeding time. Give yourself credit for all that you do, and give yourself permission to take a break, accept a helping hand and reject the nasty judgments of people with too much time on their hands.

Moms rock!

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